Top 50+ Blockchain Interview Questions and Answers 2018 ( Updated )

TOP 50 Blockchain Interview Questions in August, 2019


Blockchain technology is the future. It isn’t just changing our way of life yet in addition how we work together. As a person that implies a great deal of chance in the current market. The market is crisp, and there is a great deal of interest for blockchain ability. To help you we will cover blockchain questions .These questions will enable you plan for your blockchain job interview.



Despite the fact that there is a significant demand for the blockchain jobs, there is still competition for the best employments. That is the reason to perform best in the blockchain job interview; we recommend you experience the blockchain interview questionslisted underneath.


Before you hop into the interview, we prescribe you to peruse every one of the questions atleast once.

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In this  article, I have gathered the most frequently asked questions by interviewers. These questions are gathered in the wake of consulting with best industry specialists in the field of Blockchain and related technologies.


Top 50 Blockchain Job Interview Questions And Answers



What is BlockChain Technology?


What are the different types of Blockchains you know?


Is Blockchain a distributed database? If so, how does it differ from Blockchain is a distributed database?


What do you mean by blocks in the blockchain technology?


What are the types of records that are present in the blockchain database?


What is encryption? What is its role in Blockchain?


What are the key elements of the blockchain ecosystem? Explain each of them briefly.


What is the role of Encryption in Blockchain?


Is it possible to modify the data once it is written in a block?


Why Blockchain is a trusted approach?


What is Secret Sharing? Does it have any benefit in Blockchain technology?


What do you mean by Block Identifiers?


Is there any network specific conditions for using Blockchain technology in an organization?


What are Merkle trees?


How useful are Merkle trees in Blockchains?


What is a ledger in BlockChain?


What is Transparent and incorruptible in blockchain?


Is it possible in Blockchain to remove one or more block from the networks? If so, how can it be done?


What are the common type of ledgers that can be considered by users in Blockchain?


What is Node Application? Explain in detail


What are the components of Blockchain Ecosystem?


What kind of records can be kept in a Blockchain?


Is a blockchain ledger different from an ordinary one?


What is double spending?


What is the difference between proof-of-work & proof-of-stake?


How does Bitcoin use Blockchain?


What are the platforms available for developing blockchain applications?


What are the different types of cryptographic algorithms?


What are the  steps that are involved in the Blockchain project implementation?


What is a trapdoor function, and why is it needed in blockchain development?


How are transactions and blocks encrypted in the Bitcoin implementation?


Explain why a blockchain needs tokens to operate.


How do verifiers check if a block is valid?


Is it true that a block in the blockchain can never have more than one parent block?


Explain a real-time blockchain use case?


What is Secret Sharing? Will it have any benefit in Blockchain technology?


What are the key principles that need to be followed to make blockchain secure?




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    • What is Blockchain?


    • What are the main characteristics of Blockchain?


    • What is a Permissioned Blockchain?


    • Why is it difficult to hack a Public Blockchain?


    • What are the main characteristics of Blockchain based ledger?


    • What is a Cryptocurrency?


    • What is an ICO?


    • What is Ethereum?


    • When did Ethereum start?


    • What is Ethereum Wallet?


    • Can we deploy an Ethereum contract on blockchain at a specific address?


    • What is the difference between a transaction and a call in Ethereum?


    • How does Ethereum based accounting system prevent double spending of money from an account?


    • How will you transfer the whole balance of an account to another account in Ethereum?


    • How will you send amount from multiple accounts to one account in a contract?


    • Can we run Ethereum on Bitcoin blockchain?


    • What is Gas limit in Ethereum?


    • What are the advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin?


    • What is Ether?


    • What are Ether units?


    • What are the properties of Block in Ethereum?


    • Is there infinite number of Ethers in world?


    • What is the relation between Ether and Bitcoin?


    • What is the difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain?


    • What is Ethereum Virtual Machine?


    • How does Stack work in EVM?


    • What are Message Calls in EVM?


    • What are the different types of accounts available in EVM?


    • What is a smart contract?


    • What are the features of a smart contract?


    • What is Solidity?


    • What are the main use cases for Solidity?


    • What is a Contract in Solidity?


    • What is Pragma in Solidity?


    • What are the different types of State variables in Solidity?


    • What are the different types of function types in Solidity?


    • What is a Mapping Solidity?


    • What is Type Deduction in Solidity?


    • Can we import existing files in a Solidity source file?


    • What are the storage/memory options available in Solidity?


    • What is DelegateCall in Solidity?


    • What is SelfDestruct in Solidity?


    • Why Security is important in Solidity?


    • How will you create a simple contract to store data in Solidity?


    • How will you create a simple contract to implement money in Solidity?


    • Where do we store Strings in Solidity?


    • What is the difference between Blockchain and a banking ledger?




If you are giving a blockchain interview, you should peruse all the blockchain questions once at least. We likewise prescribe you to experience the list of blockchain job interview questions deliberately.

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