HyperFIDO Titanium U2F Security Key, Universal Two Factor Authentication USB-2

$16.99 $15.95


HyperFIDO Titanium U2F Security Key, Universal Two Factor Authentication USB-2


  • SECURE ONLINE ACCOUNTS – Protect online accounts with a strong two factor verification device. Never lose access to sensitive online accounts such as bank accounts, gmail accounts, and private documents through password theft, phishing, hacking or keylogging scams. This 2 factor security key fob combats real-time attacks such as man-in-the-middle (MITM).
  • COMPATIBILITY – The HyperFIDO U2F security token works with the latest version of Google Chrome or other FIDO-compliant applications on Windows 10, Mac OS or Linux. Secure your corporate & personal data using the HyperFIDO fob with SaaSPASS, a comprehensive solution for identity and access management.
  • FIDO ALLIANCE CERTIFIED – Officially certified by Fast IDentity Online FIDO Alliance. Supports U2F protocol and FIDO2 (No UAF or OTP).
  • TITANIUM BUILD -Sleek titanium design attaches easily to your keychain or stored in your wallet without adding bulk. A soft (not bright!) green light indicates the 2FA is active without draining laptop battery life. Because of its durability and affordability, the HyperFIDO makes a perfect backup 2FA USB security key. Works the same as the HyperFIDO mini but housed inside a robust upgraded form factor.
  • PLUG & PLAY – Set up your two factor device and do away with memorizing passwords. Simple and twice as secure because only the physical act of pressing the button on the HyperFIDO security key can grant access. A user-friendly single trusted device to logon to multiple accounts, enables keychain devices. No PIN or password, simply authenticate with the press of a button!
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