Ledger KeyWallet Cryptocurrency USB Hardware Wallet Bitcoin Ethereum BTC

$99.00 $47.99

  • This Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet allows you to send and receive cryptocurrency and offers secured storage and geared towards convenience. Hardware wallets can be easily plugged into computer (window).
  • MULTI-CURRENCY: Ledger KeyWallet supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, will support Alt coin later : hold different assets in the same hardware wallet.
  • SECURITY: Your confidential data will not be disclosed and well protected: it is secured inside a strongly isolated environment.
  • K- CMVP (Cryptographic Module Validation Process) Certified: Ledger KeyWallet certified by Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).
  • This has Cortex-M0 class CPU with USB 2.0 type A interface and the power is 5V with 0.5A.